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Place: Suite 1/8 Clay Dr, Doncaster, VIC 3108

Phone: (03) 8589 3688

Email: [email protected]

Committee Members


Victorian State Executive

Dr Vui Tan

Dr Morgan Wu

Minutes Secretary
Dr Francis Chan

Website Secretary
Dr Martin Gale

Branch Correspondent
Dr Daniel Felman

Committee Members
Dr Mohamed Amer
Dr James Brichko
Dr Kristine El-Atem
Dr Matthew Fleming
Dr Martin Gale
Dr Cecylia Lindner
Dr Hitesh Navani
Dr Teck Hong Oh
Dr Sasaluck Pakdeethai
Dr Oliver Pope
Dr Averil Tse
Dr Michael Wylie
Dr Michael Yoon

Committee members (left to right): Dr Martin Gale, Dr Mohamed Amer, Dr Hitesh Navani, Dr Oliver Pope, Dr James Brichko, Dr Michael Yoon, Dr Sasaluck Pakdeethai, Dr Francis Chan, Dr Vui Tan, Dr Michael Wylie, Dr Kristine El-Atem, Dr Morgan Wu, Dr Averil Tse and Dr Daniel Felman.

Absent: Dr Matthew Fleming, Dr Cecylia Lindner and Dr Teck Hong Oh.

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